Technology and Fashion: The Most Innovative Polo Shirts Out in the Market

Technology and Fashion: The Most Innovative Polo Shirts Out in the Market

You heard it right—there are innovative polo shirts out in the market. With the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and other kinds of wearable innovation, it is unsurprising that the fashion brand Ralph Lauren introduced the latest in wearable innovation, that is, the smart polo shirt.

Also called the Polo Tech shirt, this shirt was unveiled and showcased on the first day of the United States of America open. It actually went beyond the usual preppy design of polo shirts. It has been described as a compression shirt with sensors that are knitted in the material. These polo shirts can get your physical and biological information, like respiration, heartbeat, energy output, and stress level. The data is then sent to your smart phone or any other device you decide to link to it. Meant for athletes, these polo shirts were created to assist in the overall wellness and raise personal fitness of people who would like to live a healthier lifestyle. This actually comes from the luxury lifestyle brand itself.

To be able to see this one of a kind and if you are a tennis fan, you can find it during the United States of America Open. Many of the ball boys who get missed shots have been sporting these shirts. In addition, the top singles player of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Marcos Giron, wore this computerized shirt whenever he practiced for his first ever Grand Slam at Flushing.

The objective is to design and show the best lifestyle—that is exactly what Ralph Lauren is counting on. Ralph Lauren has the belief that the active and healthy lifestyle is very important. The brand is very excited to be steering the polo shirts industry in wearable technology in this always changing modern world.

The brand new Polo Tech shirt is colored black that includes the typical Polo Player signature logo in yellow. Using the technology from OMsignal, Canada, Ralph Lauren created the shirt, which is best for fitness trackers that are wearable. This should be already out in the market right now.

The vision of Ralph Lauren is that this polo shirt would go beyond sports to support everyone in every part of their life and for every age. This, they state, should go beyond the lives of the upper crust elite athletes. Polo Tech will provide technology that is innovative for all lifestyles and all ages to make sure everyone lives in general wellness and life quality.

Actually, during the Code Conference in May 2015, the Intel Chief Executive Officer, Brian Krzanich actually showed up sporting a shirt that had sensors along with the Intel Edison chip. This took an electrocardiogram or an EKG and measured his heart rate. The results automatically appeared on his smartphone. Partnering with AiQ Smart Clothing Inc., the shirt has a Gossmer special silicon. AiQ Smart Clothing Inc. has been shown at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin or IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany.


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