Polo Shirt – One Piece of Clothing Can Morph to Many Kinds

polo shirt

That polo shirt is that piece of clothing that can morph into whatever you want it to be. You can get a simple and affordable one from the Gap or J Crew or even go the more posh route in the designer world. Its place as a fashion cult product was concretized in Paris’s couture shows. Through work with the Chanel owned embroidery atelier Lesage, Lacoste presented completely limited edition, completely top of the line polo shirts enveloped in mesh and beads, along with slogans in a graffiti style. These couture versions are far from the normal shirt you are wearing to a regular BBQ. According to Felipe Baptista, Lacoste designer, the collaboration with Lesage was a way to push the boundaries and discover a completely new language.

The rise of these shirts has been in the mix for quite a while. Alexa Chung had one in her first range in AG and there were catwalk brands like Alexandar Wang, Jil Sander, Chanel, and Balenciaga who made polo shirts for the fashionable consumer. Although their designs had the main parts of the shirt, mainly its cuffs, collar, and buttons, they are all made more luxurious. You can see this in the oversized cuffs and lurex collar at Chanel, the longline cut out versions of Balenciaga, etc. In the men’s fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana, models wore embellished and printed luxurious polo shirts.

Moving to poshness of the polo shirt is nothing new, because it took its roots from poshness. Its original design by René Lacoste was white, pique cotton with collar was made for tennis. The upper classes followed eventually when was produced 7 years later on. When Fred Perry started to make them by early 1950s, the war of the crocodile and the wreath started. Since then, they have been taken over by subcultures from football casuals from Lacoste to skinheads and mods from Fred Perry. If you watched Amy, the documentary, Amy Winehouse looked awesome in hers, putting it up as cropped sleeves along with the beehive hair and ballet flats.

The polo that is posh is here to stay when you see models use it as a staple during their off duty days. Kate Moss sported a striped polo with jeans along with accessories like a Longchamp clutch and a 4 figure watch. Hanne Gaby Odiele dresses her polo shirt up with heels and a tiered skirt. Edie Campbell wore her shirt with a skirt (short), a jumper tied around the waist to appear chic in a boarding school look, alongside grubby trainers. The polo shirt works as downplay yet has to have an oomph with it like a pattern or a bold color to make it work. The print and pattern will allow them exude more modernity. These twists to the morphing of polo shirts can change something mundane to something luxurious and currently, fashion’s favorite item. The ever changing fashion trends also have impact on how this piece of fabric is being transformed.


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