Pink is Here to Stay: The New Spin on Polo Shirts

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Pink is Here to Stay: The New Spin on Polo Shirts
Pink as a color has earned a reputation for being a predominantly female friendly color. Women just can’t stop gushing over the attributes of pink no matter what attire you speak of when dressing. I do not deny the vibrant character it brings to lighten any mood. This color has the power to make anything come to life and add a spring to every step.
That is probably one big reason why men can’t keep their hands off it either. Yes, you heard it right. Men love pink too. Thanks to Andrews’ Polo, the Sunday Funday collection is made especially to the whims of men like me who have dared to embrace this awesome color.
The newest collection taking center stage at the Andrews’ Polo store are these incredibly lively and enticing polo shirts. A lot of you may wonder about the versatility of a pink shirt on a man. I am here to tell you, they are just great!
• The versatility of this color lies in the fact that I can wear it all day when I am out on toes. Be it shopping or a lunch date or just hanging out with friends, you feel alive and kicking. It is just perfect for a good number of occasions, and that is what makes it an easy pick for anyone. No need racking your brain on what to wear for that occasion, just go with a pink colored shirt.
• The figure-hugging Sunday Funday is the right ratio of decent, fun and comfort. It is soothing to the eyes of the onlooker. I know this for a fact with the compliments hurled at me. There is this one thing that is very obvious with this color – it connects you to your onlookers at first sight. This is another feature that makes it a great choice.
• The color is a good camouflage for stains and sweat marks. Though the material of the shirt is such that the stains aren’t visible and leave you looking and feeling fresh, the color adds on to this illusion. Your confidence is always on the high because you have that impression that your clothe is a clean as it should be. A positive deception created that your pink outfit, don’t you think?
• The fabric is soft and very calming. Despite wearing it all day under the sun, you will get the feel of freshness and softness. It doesn’t rub against the skin to result in uncomfortable rashes. Always a good idea to wear fabric that is gentle on your skin. Sunday Funday is extremely skin friendly. If you are looking forward to experiencing a gentle touch by what you are putting on, then this is most likely your best shot.
• I have learned that the best part about this color and this polo shirt is that you can team it up with different alternatives depending on the occasion. I can wear it at the beach all day with a pair of shorts and it is great. I can wear the same shirt with a light colored chinos or jeans and throw on a jacket and I feel ready for an evening dinner date. The effortlessness of this combination has gotten me all excited. Getting ready and looking good has never been this easy. Andrews’ Polo shirts simply stands out in this regards.
• All the points above indicate that putting on a pink shirt is great, but how about the ease with which you can combine this color with others? It goes perfectly well with other colors. This should be the right desire for anyone who is really into fashion. This is because it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice when it comes to color and cloth combination for a particular occasion. However, having something like this makes it really easy for just about anyone.
• Andrews’ Polo shirts equally provide you with some sense of confidence. It is true that pink colored shirts have been linked with some degree of confidence, which is why the majority of the opposite sex connect easily with it when it is worn. Hence, if your goal of wearing a pink colored shirt is not only to look appealing, but also to appear confident then the Andrews’ Polo shirt is not going to be such a bad choice after all. Be in charge with such a colorful outfit.
• Metamorphosing from one stage of life to another is something that is inevitable for everybody. We must all grow into the adult we have all admired to become and it will suffice you to know that the idea of getting used to pink shirts is a rather nice one. For younger individuals, this may not be the usual thing, but as people begin to grow up they begin to identify more with other colors, and you will just find out that pink sits on the top of them all.

Andrews’ Polo shirts have made fashion interesting and exciting for men. It has broken the perception of color biases and has given us a whole new perspective on embracing fresher and brighter shades with panache.
If this isn’t enough to convince you, the fabric and the feel of the material will have you converted to love these shirts. I took a risk with this color and the risk has paid off. I couldn’t be happier! We look forward to seeing you smile in the Andrews’ apparel, send us a picture of a memorable time so that we can post for others to see and we will send you a coupon for your next purchase.


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