Making Of A Single Polo Shirt

polo shirt

Making of polo shirt is an interesting process; there is lot of work which goes into creating a single shirt. Looking into the nuts and bolts of polo shirts is quite interesting and fascinating.

There are a lot of polo shirts out there you can buy at retail at $90 to even $155. Nevertheless, the basics of creating polo shirts that are more affordable versus polo shirts that are more expensive are almost the same.

First, is the search for the right fabric. Whether they source this from Bangladesh, France, China, or the U.S., you begin with the fabric first. For example, the polo shirt of a woman can use up around a yard to a little less than a yard of material for every shirt. In France, the fabric can cost around $6.10 or $6.50. This depends on what season of the year you are buying. The price varies from season to season.

Next, is looking for great buttons. If you want to go the high end route, real mother of pearl buttons are options. But these are expensive—around a dollar per piece. There are actually the same but stronger versions in Hong Kong. Some polo producers of polo shirts have buttons that cost around three cents each. But you have to purchase an extra one per shirt in the instance that you lose a button sometime in the future.

Third, look for a box to place the polo shirts in. You can also opt for linen bags—even better, you can use hand embroidered linen bags from Vietnam. This is so that customers can be given something they can use and not just throw away. Better yet, this was of the same quality that the shirts were made of. Linen bags can set producers back around $2.90 per piece.

What adds to the shirt cost is where it is produced. If it is chosen to be produced in the U.S., for example, it would be more expensive. Based on statistics, producing shirts in the U.S. costs around 75 percent higher than when they are produced outside of the U.S. This would just be around $11 for every shirt. If you even decide to go to China, you only need to shell out $1 to $2.

Producing the shirt also includes thread, labels, for the shirt vents, cloth tapes, and tissue paper. This also needs shipping materials from the factory to the main headquarters or boutique.

Typically, polo shirts are marked up more than a hundred percent. It is important that for a company to be successful and to have people purchase polo shirts, they need to know the story that goes behind every shirt. It helps a lot to know what goes into the shirt, especially the quality behind the product. As soon as the trust and loyalty is built, the brand will last longer than a company that is just trying to be the next it product.


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