Learning About the Best Polo Shirt Fabric for Certain Styles and Sensibilities

polo shirt

As there are many uses and kinds of polo shirts, there are many polo shirt fabrics out there as well. The more popular materials, depending on your styles and sensibilities are cotton, piqué, poly performance, and polyester.

Created with a kind of loosely woven cotton called piqué, the first polo shirts benefitted from being made form this fabric. Note that piqué includes differing patterns like waffle knits, cords, and honeycomb. Stiffer than the typical cotton fabric, it allows the wearer to have a more formal look.

Even though piqué is the first fabric made for the polo shirts, cotton is nowadays more popular. A lightweight fabric created from the plant bearing the same name, cotton has been used in clothes and other materials for many centuries. Historically, it even played a major role in the existence of slavery in the U.S. back then. Currently, cotton is found in every kind of clothing, which includes polo shirts. Cotton has become popular because it is very comfortable and lightweight. Nevertheless, the popularity of cotton has been lowering in the past years because of the benefits of poly performance and polyester. In more present years, there are campaigns to establish cotton as the fabric for almost everything. Although polo shirts created from cotton exude a more casual look, they can actually be sported for any kind of occasion.

Cotton can be blended with other kinds of fabrics to produce new materials. Mixing polyester and cotton is actually a popular blend for the polo shirt. Polyester is a synthetic material made by putting together esters to the fibers using alcohol reactions. It has become a popular material for polo shirts because it is durable, strong, and easily dries. Another advantage of polyester is that it can be utilized to make a fabric that is resistant to wrinkles. Nonetheless, the problem of polyester that on the skin, it does not feel very natural, unlike cotton. To create the natural feel, polyester is blended with cotton or other materials that are natural. Similar to cotton, polyester has a feel that is more casual, yet it can still be sported for any kind of occasion.

A newer material that has relatively taken over the market in polo shirts is spandex, also known as poly performance. Spandex is a fabric that is synthetic and well known for its comfort and elasticity. There have been a lot of companies that have used poly performance and created it into a more unique product. Case in point, Nike as a line of clothing called Dri-FIT. This includes, not just polo shirts, but also shirts, shorts, and underwear. Since polo shirts made from poly performance or spandex is able to wick away moisture, it has become really well used in sports. It is typical to find many athletes, particularly golfers, sport spandex polo shirts during competitions or games.

Even though these 4 materials are popular materials for these shirt,s of course they are not the sole ones out in the market. Also utilized for polo shirts are ottoman and jersey fabrics. There are a lot of fabrics that overlap too. Case in point, piqué, although a kind of cotton is woven differently. Similar to polyester, polo shirts will have a fabric combination to create fabric that is most appropriate to how it is going to be used. Similar to the many uses, polo shirts have many fabrics too.


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