History of the Ladies’ Polo Shirt

polo shirt

Interestingly enough, the polo shirt for the ladies has its roots coming from athletic and sports activities played by the gentlemen. Of course, the tradition lasted over many centuries, but has been adopted into the fashion and style of women’s wear.

According to fashion history, the polo shirts for ladies came from a piece from the tennis attire of men. Going back from the 1800s to the early 1900s, tennis players who were male would sport polo shirts so this would allow them better movements without sacrificing fashion during their matches. Instead of wearing their typical shirts that were long sleeved with ties, tennis players were empowered to move around the tennis court more rapidly whenever they picked and used this casual shirt from their closet.

Hence, the creation of the polo shirt for the ladies came about. This was actually more a comfort requirement rather than to follow a new statement of style. In knowing this, René Lacoste, a French man, was actually the first individual to create what we now know as polo shirts. Since he was a tennis champion and player himself, Lacoste knew the typical challenges that stuffy outfits presented. He knew that changes were desperately needed.

Yes, it might seem relevant that the polo included in the name of the shirt might mean that it is connected to the game of polo. This is actually accurate to assume. Since polo shirts became so popular in tennis, players of polo found that the new creation was so good and apt for their sport as well and so started using this shirt during their own games.

On another interesting note, the shirt can be worn during different kinds of activities and settings, but its name has stayed around to be applied to any and all kinds of related shirts. There may be companies that would label the shirts based on their requirements, but if you ask for where to buy the polo shirts, there is always a style available for you.

The growth of these shirts went towards women and became a common thread for fashion whenever casual wear came into the forefront for females. Women could look attractive in polo shirts and dressy pants, instead of the typical blouse and skirt or dress. Women started to take this look as their own because of the utter design ruggedness. In addition, women took up this look for the fact that it can keep with their hectic, busy, and multi faceted lives. So typically, they do not wear these on the golf course or even in the area of the tennis court.

Although the polo shirts for ladies come from the history of men’s fashion, their appeal to females is more than notable. You can actually see polo shirts in all corners of the department in the section for women, whether they may be baby girls or whether they may be adult women. So, for something that came from the sports and athletic origins from males, the tradition has found longevity and adaptability in the fashion of women.


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