Deciphering the Different Parts of the Polo Shirt

polo shirts

If you keep on wondering about the polo shirt—what is the difference between a shirt that is 50/50 versus a 100 percent cotton? What the heck is a placket? Keep on reading to know a little bit about polo shirts!

One of the most popular shirt styles, polo shirts are also known as sport, golf, tennis, staff, or company shirts. What sets the polo shirt apart from other styles like the t-shirt? The answer is that it has a casual yet put together appearance that is both appropriate and comfortable to wear in a range of settings from the factory to the business world. What can complete your customized polo look is getting an embroidered business logo on the front so you can market your group or business affordably wherever you may be.

The placket is the opening in the middle of the collar sides wherein the buttons can be found. Plackets are basically the same for all polo shirts for men. It typically has around 2 to 3 buttons that you can wear unbuttoned or buttoned. Ladies golf shirt plackets differ a lot, going from a combination button V neck or reversed version of the style of men polo. There are even polo shirts that contain a trim detail on the placket. These accents on the placket can be a piping, grosgrain ribbon, or a standout fabric color. Buttons can also lend a unique look to a polo shirt. The buttons can be dyed to match, white pearlized, or specialized buttons.

Most polo shirts have a different fabric piece that would be the collar. There are styles that have a collar that is self fabric. This is made from the fabric of the body of the polo shirt.

There are even polo shirts with a relaxed fit that are not too tight or contoured. Many styles have side seams, though the more affordable polo shirts do not even have side seams. These are called tubular construction. There are styles with side vents. That means they are approximately split around two inches up to the bottom hem. This gives you the ability to tuck in the shirt a bit more easily. There are other styles that have a tail that is extended in the back so it can stay tucked in.

A lot of sleeves of polo shirts are set in standard styles. However, there are some with a triangular or raglan shape above. The triangular seaming allows for more convenient arm movement. The bottom portion of the sleeved can be completed with a hem or through a rib knit cloth. Men that have bigger arms typically like open end or hemmed sleeves as rib knit sleeves feel a bit tight.

Interestingly enough, there are a lot of polo shirts that include a trim accent color on the sleeves, collar, or placket. Even though a lot of color can be distracting from your logo, the contrasting color can just repeat a color on your logo. This will emphasize the logo. Note, however, that not all of the trim colors will work well with all logos. Just remember that if you wear a golf shirt that has an accent color, it can give your creation a unique look and will make your logo stand out!


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